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Events Calendar

All Things Road - Area Board Meeting

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Thursday 23 February 2023, 06:30pm - 09:00pm

Marlborough Area Board invites you to an “All Things Roads” event

A public meeting of local residents and business owners will be held at Marlborough Town Hall on Thursday 23rd February 7 – 9 pm, to discuss “All Things Roads” in the town of Marlborough.

Doors will open at 6.30, with refreshments provided to help raise funds for a local charity.

The aims of the meeting are

• To provide an opportunity for Marlborough residents and business owners to articulate their concerns and ideas with the current management of traffic through the town, in particular the A346 (north south) and A4 (east west)
• For those with traffic and highway responsibilities in Town and Wiltshire Councils, the Police, and our local MP to hear the issues first hand and have an opportunity to feedback on the constraints we face in tackling the problems and comment on what opportunities there are in practice to make improvements.

To support a constructive debate the meeting will run to an agenda based around four topics:
• Congestion – what causes and what might be done to address the poor flow of traffic?
• Speeding – we have data from Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) and Metro Counts; what might an effective response look like?
• Safety – can we better protect the most vulnerable - cyclists, children and those with disabilities, for example, on Port Hill (between The Common and Acres), Poulton Hill (east of St Martins) and on the High Street
• Air Quality – what is the situation with monitoring and what might a meaningful action plan include?

For each topic there will be an opportunity for
• members of the public to offer their thoughts on the problems experienced and thoughts on ways forward. A strict 2-minute time will be applied to each speaker
• panel members to respond.

We encourage all attendees to email their points or questions to using the subject heading “All Things Roads” by 5pm Friday 17th February.

Panel members will have sight of these in advance and will look to cover off the most frequently cited points in their responses. They will also serve as a useful record for future reference.
In addition, anyone wishing to make a point or raise a question on the night should come to the right-hand side of the stage after 6.30pm where they will be given a Session query number on a first come, first served basis, one per person. We expect there will be time for 5 points/queries per session but, in the event of duplication, will move to number 6, 7 etc.

7.00pm Introduction by Chair
7.10pm Session 1 – Congestion
7.30pm Session 2 – Speeding
7.50pm - 10-minute break
8.00pm Session 3 – Safety
8.20pm Session 4 – Air Quality
8.40pm – Final Comments from panel members and Wrap Up by the Chair
Depart by 9pm


Location Marlborough Town Hall, SN8 1AA