All the Fun of the Fair!

MopPrizeshotSaturday 8th October 2016

No-one could have failed to hear the opening proclamation by our Town Cryer and Beadle, Mike Tupman, MBE for this, the first of the 2016 Mop Fairs. It was lovely to see so many families and children as we processed through the fair and I braved a couple of the rides after I had declared the Mops open.

I began to feel a bit like the Pied Piper of Hamelin as I was followed around by a growing band of children who were canny enough to know that they would get free rides if they stuck with the Mayor and his party!

It was a happy and relaxed atmosphere and a reaffirmation of our strong relationship with the Showmen's Guild whose members are responsible for bringing the fair to town.