Cycle Racks

cycle-parkingAt the Full Council Meeting of 20th May, Town Councillors discussed a proposal to install cycle racks along the side of the High Street.  Though this issue is really a matter for Highways, Wiltshire Council quite rightly consulted with the Town Council before taking it forward.  Unfortunately, the proposal was not brought to the attention of the Council until late on and Councillors did not have an opportunity to properly give their early input as would normally be the case.  


For the sake of clarification, the Town Council would like to make clear that it fully supports the idea of facilities for cyclists in the High Street but feels that it is first worth looking at some alternatives to the original proposal. Councillors discussed how improvements could be made to the inadequate and old racks already in place, whether racks might be installed in paid parking spaces in the central area rather than in the limited free parking slots at the side and changes to signage to help direct cyclists.  Also, the possibility of undertaking consultation and surveys to evidence the use of existing racks to help make sure any new ones are installed in the right place.  An outcome of a broader, more thorough approach might, in fact, mean more or better facilities for cyclists and everyone else who uses our High Street.

 The record of the meeting can be found by following this link