Making hay

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common-mowing-3---CopyMaking hay while the sun (almost) shines...





On Tuesday, 28 July a local farmer started mowing part of Marlborough Common as the first step towards hay making.

Over the next few days the grass will be turned to aid the drying process, then the hay will be collected into bales and taken away to be stored for winter animal feed.

Some areas of the Common have been left uncut to preserve a space for wildlife.

Cutting the grass and leaving it to dry, and turning the hay, allows wildflower seeds to drop and be dispersed ready for next year’s growing season.

This is part of our annual management routine at The Common.  There was a nationwide shortage of winter feed last year due to bad weather so let's hope for a few dry days to get this in successfully.

hay making and wildlife areas, Marlborough Common, July 2020