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What is a Neighbourhood Plan?



A Neighbourhood Plan is all about land: what we do with it, how we use it, how we protect it, what we play on it, how we manage it for the future. This is your area and we want you to participate and have a say in defining what happens within it.

Your Neighbourhood Plan will give our community a say on the type of development that takes place in Marlborough, Mildenhall and Savernake. 

It’s framed by the 2011 Localism Act and put together by the community for the community and then approved through a referendum for local people. It could also influence affordable housing, local jobs, transport, the vitality of the High Street and the environment. It will also need to take into account surgery capacity, school places, other community facilities and infrastructure.

Our Neighbourhood Plan will run to 2036 and must be consistent with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Wiltshire Local Plan (formerly the Wiltshire Core Strategy) and so provide for a balanced and sustainable approach to development in our Neighbourhood Plan area. It’s the only formal route for us all to be able to really influence the future shape of Marlborough and really holds weight in planning decisions.

The Neighbourhood Plan will be a written document, setting out issues and policies, and will also contain plans and diagrams. It can establish general planning policies for the development and use of land in a defined area. It may identify sites for new homes, employment, car parks, open space, etc. It might contain policies on what development should look like, design, heights, etc. This plan could also set a vision for the future which can be general or detailed.  Questions addressed can include:

1. If there is a need for more houses in our Neighbourhood Plan Area?
2. Should there be more land allocated for employment providing local jobs?
3. Topics covered will include transport and parking, the environment, health, schools, open spaces, community and sports facilities and tourism. 

What can it and can’t it do?

A Neighbourhood Plan CAN
•     Propose more development than in the Wiltshire Core Strategy
•     Shape and direct future development
•     Help to determine what type of development should take place
•     Identify the most suitable local sites for development

A Neighbourhood Plan CANNOT
•     Propose less growth than in the Wiltshire Core Strategy/Local Plan
•     Prevent any development from ever taking place in an area
•     Be prepared with no input or support from the local community
•     Be in conflict with local, national or EU policies


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