Committee Structure

To help run council business more smoothly and to deliver best value for money, Marlborough Town Council has adopted a committee structure. Full Town Council (comprising all 16 Councillors) still makes the most important decisions such as setting the precept (local council tax) but, committees have delegated authority to make decisions in certain areas themselves. So, in addition to the Full Town Council, there are five Committees:

As business demands it, there may be issues that require further focus or expertise and Full Council or one of its Committees may establish Working Parties. These can include Town Councillors, experts, advisors and members of the public. These are set up in an advisory capacity only and can only made recommendations to Full Council or Committee.

All meetings of the Town Council and its 5 committees are open to the public and press, except where confidential items are being discussed, and each meeting begins with pdfPublic Question Time.49.16 KB