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Speed Indicator Devices


The Town Council purchased a Speed Indicator Device - SID for short - in 2019 and since then it has been rotated around various known speeding hot-spots in the town.  In October 2022 we took delivery of a second, solar powered device.  In December 2023 we added Chopping Knife Lane to the rotation plan for SID.


There are suitable street poles where SID can be mounted in Chopping Knife Lane, Herd Street, The Green, Kingsbury Street, George Lane, Bath Road, Poulton Hill and London Road.  We rotate SID to different locations frequently, or change the direction in which the display flashes.


While SID shows speeds to drivers approaching it from one direction only, the device actually measures speeds of traffic travelling in both directions.

There are some quite complex rules that govern where SIDs can be located - not too close to other street signs, junctions, or places where they would distract drivers, and where there are suitable lamp poles to fit them.  


Each time SID is moved to a new location we download the data from it.  This helps us work out whether to request metro counts (traffic survey requests), review speed limits and/or ask for help from Wiltshire Police or Wiltshire Council to monitor speeds or set up speed watch locations, or make other recommendations related to road safety.  We'll publish the summary reports for each location - see below.  

More detailed reports are available on request: they are considered at Planning Committee meetings and included in the agendas.  Please contact us if you would like a copy of a more detailed report.  They aren't published here because the file size is very large. 


2022 - Introducing "Solar SID"!

2019 - meet SID!   

2018 - 20MPH Speed Limit Consultation

Road Closures and Highways News and Requests

Requesting Highways Improvements, or Metro Counts (traffic surveys) (external link to Wiltshire Council Area Board pages)

Speed Limits (UK Government website external link)



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