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Calendar of meetings 2022-23

a photo of a room.  A long table dominates, with heavy chairs around.  At the end is an elaborately carved chair with a stained glass window behind.  to the left is a marble fireplace and to the right a panelled wall

On this page you'll find the dates for all Town Council and Committee meetings and relevant papers.

Meetings are usually held in the Council Chamber in the Town Hall, starting at 7pm, but see individual agendas for details.  

Members of the public and press are welcome at all our meetings.  Each meeting starts with public question time when any resident of the parish can ask a question of the Town Council or Committee - your question can be on any topic and isn't restricted to the agenda items, and there's no need to stay for the whole meeting if you don't want to.  To find out more about attending a meeting and asking a question click here.

In the interests of openness and transparency meetings may also be recorded (audio or video) - see our policy here.  If you do not wish to be photographed or recorded please make your wishes known to the Town Clerk just before the meeting starts.

Scroll down for all our meeting dates for the municipal year 2022-23 where you can also read agendas and minutes of the meetings.  You can also download a simple calendar of these meetings here.

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Full Town Council Meetings 7-9pm

A photograph of a section of an elaborately carved dark wooden chair.  Text across the image reads Meeting: Full Town CouncilMonday 9th May 2022 – Annual Town Council & Mayor Making   Agenda | Minutes
Monday 16 May (extraordinary meeting)   Agenda | Draft Minutes
Monday 23rd May    Agenda |   Minutes
Monday 20th June    Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 12th September - postposed during period of National Mourning - moved to 3 October
Monday 3rd October, 7.30 pm   Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 7th November    Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 12th December     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 23rd January 2023     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 6th February (Extraordinary Meeting)     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 27th March    Agenda   |   Draft Minutes
Wednesday 29th March (Extraordinary Meeting)     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 17th April – Annual Town Meeting ( 6-7pm)     Draft Minutes
Tuesday 2nd May – Annual Town Council & Mayor Making    Agenda   |   Draft Minutes

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Planning Meetings 7-9pm

A collage image of a hard hat on a tree stump and architects tools on a drawing.  Text reads: Planning Committee MeetingMonday 16th May 2022     Agenda |   Minutes
Monday 6th June     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 27th June     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 25th July     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 15th August     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 5th September     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 26th September     Agenda   |   Draft Minutes
Monday 17th October     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 14th November     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 5th December     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 9th January 2023     Agenda  |   Minutes
Monday 6th February (start time 7.15)     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 27th February     Agenda   |    Minutes
Monday 20th March     Agenda  |   Minutes
Tuesday 11th April (Due to Easter Monday Bank Holiday)   Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 24 April     Agenda   |   Minutes

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An image shows a man's chest with hands cupped in front of him holding a ceramic pig. He wears a suit and tie. Text reads Meeting: finance and policy committeeFinance & Policy Meetings 7-9pm

Tuesday 5th July 2022     Agenda  meeting did not proceed - inquorate

Monday 1 August (rescheduled from 5 July)     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 24th October    Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 28th November     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 30th January 2023     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 24th April (8pm start)     Agenda   |   Minutes

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In the background is grass with wooden climbing equipment with trees and a hedge behind. An inset picture shows the legs of young children mid-air on a swing. Text reads Meeting: Amenities and open spAmenities & Open Spaces MEETINGS 7-9pm

Monday 11th July 2022     Agenda   |   Draft Minutes
Monday 10th October     Agenda  |   Minutes
Monday 16th January 2023     Agenda  (Meeting did not go ahead - inquorate)
**POSTPONED** Wednesday 8 February at 5.30pm    Agenda
Wednesday 1 March at 6pm    Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 3rd April     
Agenda   |   Minutes

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an image shows a wall to the right covered wit wooden panelling, with a balustrade and bannister leading down to the left. Text reads Meeting: Property CommitteeProperty MEETINGS 7-9pm

Monday 4th July 2022     Agenda  |  Minutes
Monday 31st October     Agenda   |   Minutes
Tuesday 7th February 2023     Agenda   |   Minutes
Monday 17th April    Agenda   |   Draft Minutes

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For meeting papers for 2021-22 click here
For meeting papers for 2023-24 click here

Meeting papers from 1988 to date can be found here

For the municipal year 2022-23 the Town Mayor is Councillor Lisa Farrell and the Deputy Town Mayor is Councillor Donald Heath

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