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Flooding is a natural event and no drainage or flood protection system can give absolute protection.  Flooding occurs in different ways, such as heavy rainfall causing waterways to overflow onto surrounding land, or heavy rainfall over a short period of time resulting in flash flooding when the ground cannot absorb the water quickly enough.

The Environment Agency Website can tell you more about different types of flooding.

This page provides some pointers to help you prepare for, and deal with, a flood.

Flooding emergencies - who to contact 

Flood alerts & warnings

Map of water company discharges into rivers


Is there a risk of flooding?

The Environment Agency is able to issue warnings several hours in advance of the possibility of river flooding using their automatic flood warning systems and also by radio and TV messages.  An automated telephone or text warning system is available to householders whose property has been flooded in the past.  They are also able to provide warning messages about flooding from ground water in some areas.  To find out what services are available in your area, or for the latest information on flooding, call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or contact them via the Environment Agency Website.

How can I be prepared?

The Environment Agency has some simple steps to reduce the impact of flooding on your home or business.  You can also make a flood plan in advance so you'll know what to do in an emergency.

What to do if you are flooded

At home

Listen to local radio for updates and advice

Avoid contact with flood water as much as possible as it may be contaminated with sewage or other pollutants

Keep electrical cables out of water, and wear rubber boots to avoid electric shocks

Wash any cuts and grazes and cover with a waterproof plaster

Keep a list of emergency numbers

Use a mobile phone as landlines may be affected by flood water

If the emergency services tell you to evacuate, follow their instructions


Try to avoid walking through floodwater.  Six inches of fast flowing water is enough to knock over an adult

Manhole covers may have been lifted off and there may be other hazards hidden under the water

Don't walk along riverbanks or cross river bridges in flood conditions, they may collapse

Don't let children play in floodwater

Avoid travel if possible, but if you must drive, go slowly and cautiously.  Floods can turn a usually quiet road into a potential hazard.  Don't drive down closed roads

Aquaplaning is much more likely during flood conditions

Don't drive through water if you can't tell how deep it is.  Two feet of water is enough to float a car

Drive considerately, the bow wave from your car could flood nearby homes

80% of flood related deaths are in a vehicle.  If your car stalls in water do not attempt to recover it.  Leave it and move yourself and any passengers to safer ground

If you do have to travel, let someone know about your travel plans


Neither the Town Council nor Wiltshire Council has a duty to provide sandbags or other temporary flood defences to residential or business properties although we will try to help subject to supply and demand.  It is the property owner's responsibility to protect their property from flooding.  Our policy on sandbags is attached below.

Further information

Wiltshire and Swindon Prepared:

Flood Mary: a guide for property flood resilience and recovery.

National Flood Forum:- A charity to help, support and represent people at risk of flooding.

National Flood Forum Blue Pages:- A directory of property flood risk products and services put together to advise and inform you of what’s available to help reduce the risk of flooding to your home or business.

Property Care Association:- Trade association representing specialists who can assist in resolving problems affecting buildings.

Historic England for older/listed properties

Flood Re: insurance for properties that have flooded and/or at risk of flooding. Properties need to have been built before 2009.

Personal/Family Flood Plan:-

Flood Plan for Businesses:-

age uk leafletYou can pick up a leaflet on being prepared: a guide for older people from our offices at 5 High Street, Marlborough SN8 1AA.

There is good information available onWiltshire Council's website and the Environment Agency Website.  Age UK has good advice on preparing your home, making a flood kit and more for people of all ages.

Download this file (Marlborough. Sandbag Policy.pdf)Marlborough. Sandbag Policy.pdf146 kB

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